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Pawn – an asset given to us as security for a loan kept in our secured facility


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Apply for your short term asset finance loan today directly at any one of our office locations. You’ll speak to a friendly consultant who will assess your assets discreetly and professionally. You can have cash in your account in under 30 minutes.

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How it Works

When you need to raise money and don’t want to go through the hoops of a bank, opting for a short term asset loan is an attractive option for many people, and what sets apart is that when you pawn your car, you get to keep it and still drive it.


You can raise money against any asset with a value of more than R20,000, the most common being a car pawn loan with a wide range of motor vehicles accepted, including sedans, hatchbacks, bakkies, trucks and farming equipement.


The average loan term is 30 to 60 days and the entire process from start to finish to get money in your bank account is typically less than 30 minutes, make a car pawn loan a great option when time is not on your side.


With Pawn to Drive or Pawn to Stay vehicle loans, the amount of money you can get depends on the following:


  • Vehicle make and model
  • Mileage on vehicle
  • Motorplan Details
  • Warranty Information
  • Service History
  • General Condition
  • Your credit score


At we pride ourself on being the leading lender for car pawn loans in South Africa. We accept a wide range of vehicles and arrange quick loans, typically in under 30 minutes.

Our process is simple and all you need to do to qualify is bring your car into one of our convenient office locations for a free assessment. On approval the agreed upon loan amount will be transferred via EFT to your local bank account. You get the cash against the value of your car and you get to keep your car!

For more information see our Car Pawn Loan page, which includes information on the types of cars we accept and the assessment process you will go through during the application period. We are the biggest and most trusted motor vehicle pawn loan company in South Africa.


When it comes time to pawn your car, remember it has to be your car, in your name. This may sound funny but often times people say “can I pawn my car with you?” and then the title is not in their name. This is not allowed as you would not like someone else to try and pawn your car, would you?


We do more than just loans against your car, we also offer short term loans against Trucks and Vans. If you want to raise cash against the value of your truck or van, contact us for a free and quick assessment. We accept any vehicle in good running condition and as with our car pawn loans, you get to keep your truck or van and still drive it.


If you want to raise cash against the value of your motorcycle we are happy to provide you with a professional motorcycle pawn loan. The process is the same as with the cars and you need to provide proof of ownership and have a fully paid up motorcycle to qualify. We will assess the condition and value of your bike and provide you with a loan amount and easy pathway to get it.


Gold and jewellery pawn loans provide a quick way to raise cash in times of need. If you have quality jewelry you want to pawn, contact us today for a free assessment and get money in your bank account fast.


Do you want to raise cash based on the value of your yacht or boat? We will gladly help you with the funds you need against the value of almost any watercraft in good working order. As with the other asset loan types you will get a free assessment and upon loan amount agreement, cash in your account via EFT. Visit our boat pawn loans page for more information. Please note this offer is only available in Cape Town.


Do you need to raise cash against the value of your farming or mining equipment? With we make it easy with the same process as our cars. Contact one of our offices and we’ll arrange for an expert evaluation of your equipment. Once you’ve supplied proof of ownership on your paid up equipment and agreed on a loan amount, we’ll transfer the cash you need to your account instantly. Get more information on farming equipment pawn loans here.


If you have an asset of value we are open to offering you a cash loan against its market price. If you are not sure if we accept your asset type, contact us for a free and friendly assessment. is the leader in short term asset financing loans and always provides professional and discreet service.

CAR PAWN LOAN OFFICES is the premier short term asset loan company in South Africa with offices conveniently located in Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg.


If you’re looking for the best Car Pawn Loan experience near you, contact today.